“Fuck” 使用大全

惊讶—你丫在这儿干吗呢?(What the fuck are you doing here?)欺诈—我他妈的被卖车的给骗了!( I got fucked by the car dealer. )辞职—去他的吧。(Oh, fuck it! )麻烦—这回我完蛋了。( I guess I’m fucked now. )挑战—CAO!(FUCK GFW! )厌恶—我靠!(Fuck me. )困惑—这他妈的到底…?( What the fuck…? )困难—我真不明白这倒霉生意!( I don't understand this fucking business! )绝望—又他妈的…( Fucked again…. )开心—我他妈的太高兴了。( I fucking couldn’t be happier. )沮丧—这他娘的到底怎么回事?( What the fuck is going on here? )迷路—我们他妈的到底在哪儿呢?( Where the fuck are we? )怀疑—真他妈的难以置信。(Un-fucking believable! )报复—小心我揍死你!( Up your fucking ass! )拒绝—我他妈的才不干呢。( I didn’t fucking do it. )茫然—我他妈的什么都知道!(I know fuck-all about it. )冷漠—到底是他妈的谁搞成这样的?( Who really gives a fuck, anyhow? )问候—你他妈的最近怎么样啊?(How the fuck are ya? )疑惑—你他妈的到底谁啊?( Who the fuck are you? )惊恐—我们快点儿离开这倒霉地方吧。(Let’s get the fuck out of here. )方位—滚一边去!( Fuck off. )敬畏—你他妈的到底是怎么做到的?( How the fuck did you do that? )

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